Amazing Vertical Gardens Designed by Patrick Blanc

Going green has inspired me a lot lately and made me rethink my approach to architecture. I have seen many stunning eco-friendly designs that convinced me that going green is the next step in an efficient, sustainable, and exceptional modern building.

One building with plant-covered walls caught my attention. Patrick Blanc, a botanist, designed and invented the new concept of vertical gardens.

I appreciate how his design enhances the environment and admire his pioneering approach to integrating plants into building structures. His works have become the focal point of the building. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, the vertical gardens have a functional purpose that is beneficial to the users and their surrounding environment.

The vertical gardens help lessen air and noise pollution and reduce heat gain and radiation by creating natural insulation for the building. The vertical gardens also protect the walls from deterioration and vandalizing.

Covering walls with plants is not something new. What made Patrick Blanc's design unique is how he created art using plants as a material. I hope I can apply this technique as a centerpiece to a building in my future projects.

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