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5 Smart Apartment Designs That Maximize Space

One of the key design solutions for a well-designed tiny apartment is multifunctional spaces. Assigning several functions to an area minimizes wasted space and maximizes every inch of space. Hiding unused components also declutters the area, making it appear larger than it looks. These are just some of the clever solutions designers implement to create beautiful and efficient interiors. Below are seven well-designed tiny apartments that will capture your interest.   1. 24 in 1 Transformer Apartment Designed by: Architect Gary Chang Area: 24 sqm / 258 sq. ft. The concept for the apartment is a time-based design that uses shared space one function at a time. Several movable walls hide everything out of sight, decluttering the space. Everything slides against the wall to open up center space. By layering several movable walls, the apartment has abundant storage space hidden within the wall. Shifting the center wall panel to the center allows access to the hidden bathtub, which also has a

Deshaker Stabilizing Sulotion to your Handheld Videos

Lately I have been exploring the world of HD video using my DSLR. My fascination in video started when I attended a wedding and saw the works presented by those professional video and photographers. I was amazed on how they managed to create an incredible output using their DSLR. Although I don't have any plans on pursuing video/photographer as a career, I became interested in the video capabilities since I am the unofficial video/photographer in my family.

The first time I used my DSLR to take full hd videos, I was disappointed with the results. Most of the videos I took handheld were too shaky. I usually shot my videos at the tele end of my lens which increased the shakiness of my videos. After a couple more tries on shooting videos I eventually gave up on it since I thought all my videos were unusable due to the shakiness of the output.

While browsing the net for some tips and techniques on how to stabilize my video, I came across this free program which offered the perfect solution to my problems. The solution I found wasn't in the technique or purchasing new equipment to improve my videos, it was a program which will process my videos to dramatically reduce the shake produced during handheld shooting.

The Deshaker is a free plugin for VirtualDub, a free video editing software. I watched numerous videos found on Youtube showing samples on how the Deshaker improved the quality of their videos. If the there was no description on the video, a regular person wouldn't know the difference between the video shot using professional equipment and a handheld video processed with deshaker.

Since I basically shoot video for my personal use I see know point in investing expensive equipment in order to improve my videos. The deshaker is more than enough to satisfy my needs in processing my videos. Another benefit from deshaker is that it is free to use and I didn't need to spend a dime for this tremendous program. If you haven't tried this program check out their websites below.


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