Awe-inspiring artwork created by AI-assisted applications

I've always believed that in order to create beautiful art, you needed talent and creativity. I never imagined a time when technology would be able to create art. I saw an advertisement earlier today for a web-based app that could generate art by simply typing words into the program. I decided to give it a try, which led me down a rabbit hole of ai art generator apps, where I spent several hours researching and testing AI Art generator apps. I tested three AI Art generators, and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Dream by Wombo Studio Inc.

The Dream app is a free piece of software that is available both online and in the app store. What I like about this app is how simple its interface is. It allows users to create art by entering a description of what they want the app to create. Once the keywords are entered, you simply select the style in which you want the artwork to be displayed and press the Create button. The app generates the artwork in a matter of seconds. Another advantage Dream has over the other two apps is that there is no limit to how much art you can create. Dream is great for creating beautiful landscapes, but it struggles with creating characters and details like people and animals. The resolution is also limited, and users cannot upscale the artwork. The aspect ratio is also fixed to portrait mode, with no way to change it. Despite these limitations, I believe Dream is a fantastic app for creating beautiful artwork.

Nightcafe Studio

The Nightcafe Studio app was the next one I looked into. It is an ai art generator that is accessible via the internet. It performs similar functions to the dream app, but what distinguishes it from the dream app is the ability to incorporate characters in the creation of art. I have yet to fully explore the app because creating art on this platform requires credit. Although the credits are replenished on a daily basis, it will take time for new users to become acquainted with the app before they can create stunning ai generated artworks. One feature of the nightcafe app that I like is that it allows users to enhance and evolve generated artworks. Users can use their available credits to increase the resolution.

Starry AI

The Starry AI app was the last AI art generator I tried. This app, like the nightcafĂ© creator, is based on credits. Users will receive credits on a daily basis, allowing them to create AI-generated art. I've only scratched the surface of this app but based on my first impressions, I like that it can generate characters. StarryAI also provides additional customization options for your AI-generated artwork. It produces stunning results, but the artwork takes longer to create. Similar to Nightcafe, the app can upscale generated artwork. Starry AI has a paid subscription option, but the free version provides more than enough features to create beautiful artwork. 

I've enjoyed using these apps and will continue to learn more about their capabilities. I've spent several hours tinkering with the software, and it never ceases to amaze me how AI has evolved to create unique artwork. I'll be posting more AI-generated art once I've figured out how to use all of the features of these apps.

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