LED Panels vs Bulbs: Why I Choose the Classic Option

LED Panels vs Bulbs

Bulbs and LED panel lights are both popular options for lighting your home or office, but they have some essential differences that make one a better choice in certain situations than the other. This article will examine why I prefer bulb-type lights over LED panel lights.

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Bulb lighting is a more traditional and familiar option for many people. They have been around for over a century and are the first choice for most people when lighting their homes. Bulbs are also widely available and can be found in most hardware and home improvement stores, making them easy to find and purchase. 


bulbs are generally less expensive than LED panel lights. Bulbs cost a few dollars each, whereas LED panel lights can cost several times as much. This reduces the cost of bulbs for those on a tight budget.


Bulb types are more adaptable than LED panel lights. Bulbs are available in various shapes, sizes, and wattages so that you can find the perfect bulb for your needs. On the other hand, LED panel lights are typically available in a limited number of sizes and wattages, making them less versatile than bulbs.


Another critical factor to consider is the phase-out of certain LED panel lights. LED panel lights, especially older models, may be phased out and no longer available on the market. If an LED panel light in your home or office burns out, finding a replacement may be difficult or impossible. With bulbs, however, you can easily find a replacement at any hardware store.


Finally, bulbs are also easier to replace than LED light panels. You can easily replace bulbs when they burn out, whereas LED light panels require skills and knowledge to replace them. This makes bulbs a more convenient option for those who may not be as handy or technically savvy.

In conclusion, while LED light panels have some advantages over bulbs, such as being more energy-efficient, bulbs have many advantages. They are more traditional, familiar, and affordable; they produce a warmer, more natural light; they are more versatile; and are easier to replace. Furthermore, the regular phasing-out of LED panel lights makes bulb-type lights an excellent option for those looking to light their home or office.

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