Creative House Design for A Deep and Narrow Lot

A few months ago, a client approached me with a unique challenge: designing a house on an unusual lot. The site was distinctive due to its narrow 6-meter frontage and a depth of 45 meters. The client wanted to build a secondary house for his children, who were studying in a different city. Initially, he envisioned a two-story house but later decided on a single-story design.

The client's space requirements were specific. He needed a two-car garage, four bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, and a servants' quarters. Incorporating these elements into the design required careful planning. Given the elongated shape of the lot, we had to use firewalls on both sides to maximize the available space.

One of the primary challenges was arranging the rooms to ensure adequate natural light and ventilation. This was critical for creating a comfortable living environment despite the narrow frontage. Additionally, we had to address the plumbing and drainage needs, considering the long depth of the site. The slope required for proper drainage and plumbing posed a significant challenge, necessitating precise elevation planning for the floors.

The site’s 45-meter depth meant that we had to carefully design the floor elevations to meet the minimum slope requirements for plumbing. Ensuring that the drainage system functioned efficiently while maintaining a seamless design was a complex task.

Check out the video to see how we successfully solved these design challenges and created a functional and aesthetically pleasing home on this unique lot.   

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