Foodscape - Miniature Landscape Photography made Edible Materials

I've been working on sample renderings on landscape designs for the past few weeks. Our marketing at LazyAnimation asked me to make sample renderings. He told me that he had potential clients that are interested in landscape renderings. The clients wanted to see if we were capable of creating landscape renderings. 

I began looking for some reference pictures of some gardens and landscapes on the net. I didn't have any idea what type of landscape I would model so I made some random searches on landscaping. I saw a lot of beautiful Japanese gardens which I tried to imitate. 

My next sample rendering assignment was for a park. I searched for some aerial photos of parks on google and found pictures of a surreal landscape. I opened the link and found a couple of interesting landscape pictures.

When I enlarged the pictures I was surprised to find out that the photos were made of food. The trees photo that looked like a thick forest of stout trees were actually made of broccoli. These stunning pieces of art were made by artist/ photographer Carl Warner. His photography skills made some wonderful foodscapes.

Visit for more Foodscape photos.


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