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Bed options for Small Apartments

If your space is small, you must maximize the use of all your space. The bed is one of the biggest furniture in your home. The bed is one of the furniture you can optimize to serve multiple functions.

Furniture is dependent on the function of a particular area. Most of these functions are rarely used together. You can optimize your bed by overlapping other functions in the same area.

There are several ways to make your space multi-functional through your bed. Each bed design provides different solutions for particular problems.

Use The Vertical Space Above The Bed

Loft Bed by Colin
Utilizing vertical space is important when space is limited. One of the simplest ways to use vertical space is to add a usable space on top. Loft beds provide users the flexibility of using the bottom area for a different function. The bottom area can be used as an office, entertainment area, or closet space.

Loft beds are simple and affordable solutions to maximizing space. The simplicity of the design can be applied in most small spaces. It can easily be built by a carpenter or welder. It is available in a lot of furniture stores. Loft beds are movable and easy to transfer to a different area. Both functions can be used at the same time.

The sleeping area is independent of the bottom area. Access to your bed is not easy. Due to the height of the bed, it is not safe for very young or old users. Loft beds can't be used on low ceiling areas.

Elevator Bed

Another method to utilize vertical space is by using Elevator Beds. Elevator beds provide two different functions on the same spot. The bed can be raised to the ceiling to utilize the area below. Elevator beds are a good option to hide a bed out of sight. 

It takes time to set up and set aside the bed. This option is complicated and requires specific hardware. Installation is more complicated and can result in improper installation. The motor can malfunction and leave the bed stuck. Installation for this bed is limited. The bed also needs to be anchored to a structural component to support the load. 

Convertible Beds

Doc Sofa Bunk Bed by Bonbon

Convertible Sofa Bunk Bed

Convertible sofa bunk beds are ideal for a small apartment that needs a living room area. It is also ideal for an apartment shared with a friend or family member. With this furniture alone your space can be converted into a bedroom and living room. The only problem with this option is you have to choose only one function.

Sofa Beds and Sectional Sleepers
Montreal Sofa Bed by Mandaue Foam

Hamilton Sectional Sofa Sleeper By Mandaue Foam

Utilize The Space Under the Bed

The space under the bed is mostly underutilized. There are bed designs that can utilize the space under the bed. A bed with a trundle provides an extra bed.
Day Bed with Trundle
Adra Day Bed by Homelegance 
Another option would be the captain's bed. These beds provide ample storage space under the bed. Some captain beds provide a retractable table. These beds provide multifunctionality at a small footprint.

West Elm - Modern Captain's Bed

Retractable Beds

One method to make a space multifunctional is to tuck away large furniture that isn't in use. Beds are one of the biggest furniture in your home. Beds are not used the whole day and can be tucked away to free up space for a different purpose.

There are several approaches to hide away the bed to clear up space. The elevator bed which I discussed earlier is one of the solutions you can use to clear the floor space of your room. Another solution would be to use a pullout bed under a platform or raised floor. Tucking away the bed under a platform frees up floor space for a different function. You can transform a space by hiding the bed under the platform. The cleared up space can be turned into an office, living room, or dining room.
Pullout Bed under Raised Floor

The most common approach of hiding the bed is using a murphy bed. This design solution has been around for more than a hundred years. Technology has improved since its inception and there are several options available in the market. Some Murphy beds incorporate a sofa, a table, or a shelf in their design. There are also kits available online if you want to assemble one yourself.

Murphy Bed

There are factors to consider in choosing the right bed to maximize your space. The secondary function of the bed should be the first thing to consider. It should be able to meet the user's needs, whether it is for an extra bed, a small office, extra storage, or a sofa.

Cost is another aspect to consider. The more complicated the design the higher the cost. If Price is an issue stick to the simple design such as a convertible sofa and loft beds. Avoid complicated solutions such as the Murphy bed and elevator bed.

Design is the last aspect to consider. Visualize how the bed would fit in the space. Some of these bed designs are not applicable in some spaces. Loft beds are not applicable in rooms that have low ceilings. Murphy beds can't be installed on a wall that has windows. An elevator bed can,t be installed on an area with no structural support. Examine the room and pick the bed that best suits your space.


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