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House DL15 - Modern Three Story Residential Building

Project: House DL15 Year: 2015 Floor Area: 440 m ² Lot Area: 363 m ² A modern three-story house in Cebu City draws inspiration from Modern Scandinavian and Bauhaus designs. The house's layout was designed to maximize the steep downhill slope while minimizing excavation to the existing terrain.  The house has an open floor plan layout that connects the living, dining, and kitchen area into one open space. Upon entering the foyer, a double-height ceiling in the living room is the first thing you see. Large sliding windows and doors engulf the interior with natural light. The sliding doors in the dining area and kitchen connect the interior to the terrace, increasing the ground floor's usable floor area. All the bedrooms are on the second floor, and each bedroom has its bathroom. The lower ground floor has a large lanai with a dining and living area. The ground floor covers the lanai, which provides a spacious outdoor space protected from the heat and weather. The lanai is open on

Egg House

Innovation has driven technology to higher heights and has greatly increased the standard of living in our lives. It has made a lot of things easier and cheaper. In the the recent years architects have been searching for the solution for a eco friendly sustainable home. Unfortunately most current solutions have a very high cost which usually deters a lot of people. One architect in china has found a way to design a house stripped down to its bare necessities. Although after reviewing some of the photos I have some concerns about where he would go to take a bath or leak. I think his design of the egg house is one step closer to providing some form of shelter to a lot of homeless people. source: Yahoo