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A Brilliantly Designed Small Apartment

Back in college our professors challenged us in designing a fully functional cube house. As far as I could remember the restriction was a 6m x 6m building footprint and we were only allowed to use half of the ground floor area for our second floor. As first year students of architecture we cracked our heads and we had a hard time fitting all the furnishing inside the house. After imagining how small a 54sqm house we had to maximize all of the space we had, or so we thought we maximized it. After learning from experience, there are more than one solution in solving a problem. There are the simple and straight forward solutions and solutions that are out of the box.I've attached the video below. I've come across one particular apartment which is brilliantly designed. The space is designed in such a way that maximizes each corner of the 24sqm space. Although the apartment is restricted with the small space, the designer managed to incorporate all the basic amenities inside

Sliding House - dRMM Architects

I found this cool house designed by dRMM Architects. The whole exterior wall slides out and exposes a fully glazed enclosure. I really like the concept of the house and this is definitely thinking outside the box. Here is the link to the article Source: Architectural Record