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House DL15 - Modern Three Story Residential Building

Project: House DL15 Year: 2015 Floor Area: 440 m ² Lot Area: 363 m ² A modern three-story house in Cebu City draws inspiration from Modern Scandinavian and Bauhaus designs. The house's layout was designed to maximize the steep downhill slope while minimizing excavation to the existing terrain.  The house has an open floor plan layout that connects the living, dining, and kitchen area into one open space. Upon entering the foyer, a double-height ceiling in the living room is the first thing you see. Large sliding windows and doors engulf the interior with natural light. The sliding doors in the dining area and kitchen connect the interior to the terrace, increasing the ground floor's usable floor area. All the bedrooms are on the second floor, and each bedroom has its bathroom. The lower ground floor has a large lanai with a dining and living area. The ground floor covers the lanai, which provides a spacious outdoor space protected from the heat and weather. The lanai is open on

World's Most Extreme Homes (The Sphere - Sao Paulo Brazil)

Lately I have been searching the net for documentaries on architecture. I've found a few interesting documentaries which I will be sharing here in my blog. The first documentary that I am going to share comes from a program from HGTV title World's Most Extreme Homes. This house has caught my attention since it has a very unique exterior and interior. Most houses have edges and are basically squares and rectangles. This house on the other hand is a sphere and has a lot of curved spaces inside. Check out the video below

Recycled Art: Old Computer Parts and Transistor

Every time I open my CPU I always get amazed at the complexity of each part working in unison to make millions of complex calculations every second. Whenever I take my CPU apart I can't help but admire how the manufacturers and designers of these parts worked hard to create these sophisticated components. While I was searching the net for computer parts I saw some photo of some sculptures which used old computer components as the sculptors choice of material. I was amused with this unique art since it never crossed my mind that these old computer parts can be converted into works of art. Although the shapes look simple, I bet that it took a lot of effort to create these sculptures. The texture of these computer parts also helped enhance the sculptures. For more sculptures click on the links below. Sources:

Unique Hotels

I love buildings with unique designs and concepts. Out of the box designs, I get my inspiration. Seeing these designs motivates me not to confine myself to traditional solutions. It encourages me to look for a variety of possible solutions to the problem. A few days ago, I was stuck with a mediocre design for an interior project. I needed to refresh my creative juices and find inspirations for hotel interiors. I found the website and I saw a bunch of unique hotels. A lot of the posts have caught my interest. I searched through their archives and found a lot of creative hotel designs and concepts. I have found several hotels designed with adaptive reuse. Below are some of the hotels which caught my attention. Jumbo Stay This will probably be the best sleep you'll experience on a jet Read more La Balade des Gnomes Get to experience what the ancient greeks experienced inside the trojan horse with better facilities. Read More M

Worst Celebrity Wax Sculptures

Ever since I saw my first wax scuplture, I have always been fascinated with how some of these sculptures tend to be life like. Some of the amazing sculptures I saw were from the most recognized figures in history and were a very accurate representation of the people they followed. While browsing yahoo I came across this article on worst celebrity wax sculptures and I saw some sculptures which really had no resemblance with the real person. Below is a photo of one of the wax sculptures the author compiled. You wouldn't recognize most of the sculptures until you read the caption. Click on the image to view more wax sculptures. Worst Celebrity Wax Sculptures Source:

Image Averaging - How to Increase Detail and Remove Noise from Images

Shooting with low light means that you need to use high ISO, resulting in a lot of noise. I found two articles that improve the quality of photos taken at a high ISO level. The first method is to stack underexposed photos to create a proper exposure. The other method is to stack a few high-iso photos removing the noise and increasing the detail. Single Image ISO 3200 9 images averaged at ISO 3200