Larger than Life Sculptures by Ron Mueck

Photo By: Peregrinari
I came across this unique sculptor Ron Mueck online. He creates realistic but giant sculptures of people. At first glance, I thought his works were digital art since some of his works looked like photoshop paintings.

Photos By: Veronique Debord

After staring at his other works, I realized that these were real sculptures. Something I didn't recognize was the scale of these artworks. The enormity of these works of art can only be comprehended once you see a person stand right beside it.

Photo by: Natalie Maguire

I genuinely can't help but admire people like Ron Mueck for their extraordinary gift and talent. Digital art is great, but I think nothing can match artwork experienced in real life. I bet it is a different experience compared to watching it on a screen. I wish there were artists like him and art museums in my place so that people can admire works of art like this.
Photos by: Yasser Alghofily

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