Modern Tree Houses

Some of the most interesting designs I've seen are the ones that veer away from the norm. They create unique designs by creating unusual solutions. Treehouses are one of the interesting types of buildings we need to explore.

Green architecture is gaining popularity with the public. Building a structure around a tree instead of cutting it down is becoming common. It is one-way architects can help preserve the environment.

When I visited the Baumraum website I found many treehouse designs. German Architect Andreas Wenning designed these modern sleek treehouses. The architect still managed to create exciting and unique designs despite the challenges.


Treehouses won't replace the majority of homes anytime soon. There are a growing number of clients that will become environmentally conscious. These clients will opt to have green and environmentally friendly homes.  Architect Andreas Wenning's design solution will prove to be invaluable soon.  He has presented as a solution to how we should approach this type of problem.

Visit for more details on their other projects.

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