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Documentaries on Frank Lloyd Wright his Life, Works and Legacy

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the architects who got me interested in architecture. My interest in architecture began when I saw the Solomon Guggenheim Museum from a chase scene in Men in Black.

After watching the movie, I did some research on the house. I found out that Architect Frank Lloyd Wright-designed the building in the late fifties. Given that the building was 24 years older than me, it looked like it was only newly built. It looked new compared to most of the buildings in Cebu back then.

15 Tadao Ando Museum Projects worth Checking

Tadao Ando is a self-taught Japanese architect who won the Pritzker Prize in 1995. He creates beautiful structures using exposed precast concrete and highlights this material's beauty in most of his projects. He uses complex circulation spaces, yet most of his projects are sleek and straightforward. 

The use of natural light through skylights and light wells are typical among his works. Tadao Ando uses natural light to enhance the interior space. He uses it to create dramatic transitions and contrast in his spaces. 

His works complement the site. He uses well designed landscaped spaces to complement the structures he designs. Tadao Ando has designed several museums, and each one of them is unique.  

His museums are exceptionally designed. People visit his museums not just for the art but for the building itself. Below are 15 of Tadao Ando's museum projects. 

1. Kumamoto Prefectural Ancient Burial Mound Museum, Kumamoto, Japan (1992)

Completed in April 1992, zenpokoenfun was the basis of the design of the museum. Zenpokoenfun is a large keyhole-shaped tomb mount.

Image Source: Wikipedia

Micro Compact Home: An Efficient Use of Space

Tiny living spaces have always been of interest to me. It always astounds me how a well-designed small space can still offer comfort to the user. There is one project that is an excellent example of the quality of tiny homes. The Micro Compact Home (m-ch), designed by Richard Horden, has introduced me to well-designed tiny homes. 
The project led by Architect Richard Horden was a collaboration between student teams at the Technical University, TIT Tokyo, and Haak and Hopfner Architects. The team designed in 2005 for short stay accommodation for students and business use. 

Unique Small Apartments

One of the projects that started my interest in small interiors was the Swiss Army Knife. This project was designed by architect Robert Garneau. He introduced a range of clever design solutions that maximizes small interior.

Swiss Army Knife

Architect Robert Garneau used multi-functionality to maximize the available space. The use of an adjustable dining table that doubles as a kitchen counter. A sofa that can be rearranged into a bed. These solutions combined. This design allowed the architect to combine two areas into a single space.

Small Apartment Transformer

The common problem of urban centers is the scarcity of space. Most people live in tiny apartments due to the expensive cost. Gary Chang An Architect from Hong Kong has designed his apartment in such a way that it will revolutionize how we can maximize small spaces.

Modern Tree Houses

Some of the most interesting designs I've seen are the ones that veer away from the norm. They create unique designs by creating unusual solutions. Treehouses are one of the interesting types of buildings we need to explore.

Green architecture is gaining popularity with the public. Building a structure around a tree instead of cutting it down is becoming common. It is one-way architects can help preserve the environment.

The Jubilee Church By Arch't Richard Meier

Back when I was still an architecture student, I was always inclined to innovative designs that represent architecture today. I appreciated these designs at an early stage in my studies and I loved to search for unique design solutions for various building types.

Image Source:

One structure I stumbled upon during my research inspired me to think outside the box. It gave me a new perspective on the design if you won't restrict yourself with the norms.

The Jubilee Church is a masterpiece designed by Architect Richard Meier. This church had a unique design that didn't have any resemblance to any typical church. It veered away from the traditional church designs and managed to arrive at a magnificent design that was beautiful and functional. 

The design reflected the core beliefs of the church and the beautiful use of natural lights enhanced the ambiance of the interior. The harmony of all the elements is made this church a masterpiece.

Below is an animation made by Robert Angelis that provides an in-depth glimpse of this beautiful masterpiece.

A Directory of Official Websites of Architects

As a new architect, I am eager to learn and understand different styles of architecture. I want to learn from the experts and the most successful architects in the world.

I get design inspirations from these architects. The designs range from simple, sleek and stylish to unorthodox extravagant designs.