3D Tips: Vray Ambient Occlusion

A simple tip that can improve your renderings is to take advantage of Vray's ambient occlusion. Ambient occlusion wasn't available back when I started using Vray. Ambient occlusion is a simplified way of using Vray dirt in the scene.

The first scene did not use ambient occlusion. The walls are too bright, while the joints and the ceiling's corners aren't that well defined. There are also a lot of overblown highlights in the scene.

Twixtor Turn Normal Videos to Extreme Slow Motion

I have always been fascinated with slow motion videos. Every time I see a extreme slow motion video I have always wondered how I could make a slow motion video at a minimal cost. When I found out that the Nikon J1 cameras had a slow motion video I did a research on other cheaper cameras which has this capability.

While doing my research I bumped in to Twixtor. I saw the video below which was slowed down to 4000fps. I was amazed on how smooth the transition of each frame were especially since the original video was only 60fps.

Metabones Speed booster Mirrorless Adapter

I've been using the micro four-thirds system for a while now and I love the system for its portability. The only issue I have with the micro four-thirds system is the lack of fast and affordable lenses. I love using prime lenses. I have a few fast legacy prime lenses to cover my need for fast primes. The only problem with the legacy lenses is the lack of autofocus.

A few days ago, I read an article from 43rumors that made me love more of the micro four-thirds system. Metabones is going to introduce a new adapter which will increase the speed of the lenses by a full stop. It will also widen the focal length by a factor of  0.70x. Which will bring the crop factor of the Micro Four Thirds system to 1.40x.