How to Maximize Tiny Spaces

Small interiors are becoming more common in urbanized cities. Making a small interior look huge is one of the challenges facing architects and interior designers. Some designers use optical illusions to make space appear larger, while others use innovative technology to maximize small spaces.

One way to optimize space is by using multifunctional furniture or fixtures. A murphy bed that turns into a sofa or a bunk bed that turns into a desk serves a number of functions while occupying the same space.

Storage is another issue you're going to encounter with tiny spaces. You can find a number of solutions once you focus on the three-dimensional volume of space. Using vertical space opens up a lot of room possibilities. Mezzanine, platforms and overhead shelves are some of the solutions that can be adapted in a tiny space.

The Air Extending Table by Barry Design
Stackable or collapsible furniture is another solution that can be adapted to small spaces. Instead of increasing storage space, you reduce the volume you need to store. An expandable dining table solves sitting capacity without eating up space.
Trojan Console Table by Expand Furniture
These design solutions are some of the ways to maximizing space. There are a few suppliers that offering these types of furniture in the Philippines.5 Corners Home and ErgoHome are one of the few companies offering these types of furniture.  If you have any other local suppliers, please feel free to share them in the comments section. 


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