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5 Smart Apartment Designs That Maximize Space

One of the key design solutions for a well-designed tiny apartment is multifunctional spaces. Assigning several functions to an area minimizes wasted space and maximizes every inch of space. Hiding unused components also declutters the area, making it appear larger than it looks. These are just some of the clever solutions designers implement to create beautiful and efficient interiors. Below are seven well-designed tiny apartments that will capture your interest.   1. 24 in 1 Transformer Apartment Designed by: Architect Gary Chang Area: 24 sqm / 258 sq. ft. The concept for the apartment is a time-based design that uses shared space one function at a time. Several movable walls hide everything out of sight, decluttering the space. Everything slides against the wall to open up center space. By layering several movable walls, the apartment has abundant storage space hidden within the wall. Shifting the center wall panel to the center allows access to the hidden bathtub, which also has a

Maximize Space with These 7 Efficient Stair Designs

Stairs are an integral part of a multi-level structure. We use it to gain access to different floors of a building. The downside with stairs is that it occupies a lot of space. Space has become scarce in urban areas, and designers are trying to find ways to optimize the use of every inch of space. Below are some of the clever stair design solutions that maximize the use of space.

 1. 1m2 Stairs Eastairs

Designed by Eastairs, it is a metal spiral staircase that occupies 1 square meter. The stairs are prefabricated and assembled on site. It has a sleek design reminiscent of modern sculpture.

2.Zoku's Retractable Stair Design

One of Zoku's key designs is the retractable stairs that tuck away inside the cabinets. This ingenious design hides the stairs away when unused, freeing more valuable space inside the tiny area. 

3. Klapster Folding Stairs

Klapster is another company that specializes in space-saving stairs. Unlike the stairs from Eastairs, their stair design is retractable, which folds flush to the wall. When unutilized, the stair barely occupies any space. 

4. Dolle Modular Staircase (Paddle Stairs)

Dolle offers modular paddle stairs that use minimal space. By placing alternating paddle steps, it manages it drastically reduces the footprint of the stairs.

5. Murphy Larkin Attic Stairs

Murphy Larkin has several retractable stairs that tuck away in the ceiling. Their stairs mainly provide access to attics.

6. Sesame Access Retractable Stair Lift

Sesame Access is retractable mechanical stairs doubles as a lift. Retracting the stairs exposes the lift hidden below ground. The stairs serve as alternatives for ramps.

7. HomeMade-Modern DIY Spiral Staircase

Spiral stairs are space-saving stairs that occupy the least amount of space. This DIY Spiral staircase is precut boards to be assembled on site.

Which staircase did you find the most interesting? Hit us a comment and share your insights.