7 Fast and East Steps to Color Correct Photos in Photoshop

Learning how to color correct your is crucial if you want your photos to look good. In-camera white balance is accurate most of the time. Cameras have a hard time determining proper white balance when there are multiple light sources with different colors. The camera will have a hard time picking which color to pick if there are two or more light colors within the picture. 

Phone cameras are also prone to taking photos with the wrong color balance. However, more recent models have gotten better at getting the right colors. There are still instances when your phone camera takes photos with off colors. I notice this often happens on light sources that have intense colors. Warm lights tend to leave a yellow cast on your photos. Suppose you have pictures that have an intense yellow or blue tint on them. There is still a way to save those photos. 

Photoshop has several tools to correct color in your photos. I will be sharing the fastest way to fix the colors in your pictures in seven easy steps.

1. Create a new Curves Adjustment Layer. 

2. Once the Curves menu pops up, press and hold the alt key. Right-click on the auto button.

3. The auto color corrections options will pop up. Select dark and light colors and click ok. 

4. when you return to the curves menu, click auto. If the photo looks fabulous, you can save it at this point.

5. If there is still some color cast on your photo. The gray dropper in the curves menu to sample the image for a gray point. After clicking the gray, select an area of the picture supposed to be gray in real life. I usually go for white paper in the photo or the ceiling.

7. Save a copy of your photo.


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