Permeable Concrete a Solution to Flooding Problems in our Cities.

The rainy season is about to start, and with it comes flooding. Flooding is a significant problem in a lot of cities in the Philippines. Trash accumulation in the drainage system is one of the root causes of flooding. 

Another cause for flooding is the growing number of impervious layers in most cities. Most of the ground in developed areas is impervious materials. Runoff increases as we develop more areas of our environment. Lesser water infiltrates the soil.

The government has been implementing several measures to solve this problem despite its efforts to arrest this problem. Flooding continues to be a problem faced by most cities in the Philippines.
One solution the government can put in place is permeable concrete. Applying this to the city's road network will supplement the overburdened drainage. Porous concrete has been around since the 1800s. This technology has been used in several countries to complement their stormwater management. 

news article from GMA back in 2014 reported DPWH is implementing this technology in one of there projects. The project is a 22-year flood control project. If the project was successful, we could implement it in other cities with flooding problems. It will offer cities another flood control solution. Implementing this on our road will help solve flooding. It will also allow rainwater to recharge the underground water table.


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  2. Despite being used for more than twenty years, permeable concrete is still relatively new to New Orleans. In order to test the pavement and use it in its most recent projects, city officials have linked up with green-building specialists Make It Right Foundation. Working with civil engineering students to plan the work necessary to pave a single city block for a project, the team discovered that utilizing permeable concrete only increased expenses by 10% when compared to using standard concrete. The project, however, was devoid of the gutters, curbs, sidewalks, subsurface utilities, and other features that are common on city streets.

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