Online Tools to Help Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing great articles is a skill that was never one of my strengths. Even though I love to share my ideas, I always struggle to convey my thoughts. Although I have a fundamental understanding of English, I find it difficult to arrange my thoughts. I find it hard to put words and sentences, and I have a little background in making complex sentences. I also tend to have grammatical errors, and despite knowing my weaknesses, I hardly read my articles.

That's why I've been using online tools to help me with my work and blog posts. These tools have greatly improved the way I create and structure my writing. I've been reviewing my past articles since the beginning of the quarantine. Now, I appreciate the importance of creating readable articles. It's a challenge to get your message across if readers don't understand what you're saying. 

My articles may not be equivalent to a skilled writer, but it is an improvement compared to my previous output. These are the tools that I am currently using, and as a result, my grammar and vocabulary have improved.




Grammarly offers a free version that checks grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary. It has an integrated thesaurus that provides alternative synonyms that would fit your sentence better. Grammarly also alerts users to intricate text, misplaced words or phrases, word choice, incomplete sentences, monotonous sentences, and passive voice misuse.

The free version only provides notice of these issues. To remove these flaws, users need to correct the sentences manually. On the other hand, the premium version notifies which sentences need corrections and gives better options to fix these issues. 


This tool rearranges and paraphrases sentences, and I often use them when I find that I want to fix sentences that are hard to read. There are two options for the free version, which are standard and fluency. An additional creative option is available upon registration. I often use fluency to paraphrase my sentences because it creates a better sentence arrangement. The free unregistered version is limited to only 400 characters, while the free registered version is limited to up to 700 characters.

Paper Rater

After checking my articles in Grammarly and Quilbot, I submit my articles to PaperRater. This free tool is great for reviewing your sentences for an improper selection of words and writing style.

Word Choice - examines the quality and quantity of common or inappropriate words, phrases, egregious misspellings, and cliches found in your article.

Style - Examines the quality of your article based on Transitional Words, Sentence Length, Passive Voice, Sentence Beginnings, and Vocabulary words.

After Paper Rater evaluates your article, it gives suggestions about which words to delete and which words to add to your sentences. It also provides a grade based on the assessment received from each category.

In conclusion, I believe that these tools are essential for inexperienced writers. Not only will it improve you as a writer, as you learn from your mistakes, but it will also make writing easier. I've been using these in all of my recent posts, and writing articles has become a breeze.

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