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Unique Solar Artwork by Jordan Mang-Osan

Artists express their art through a wide variety of mediums. In my previous post, I covered several artists who use unique mediums for their artwork. There are a few artists who can make art from unconventional materials. Some choose these unusual mediums for experimentation, while some use these materials because of the availability.

I found a documentary about a talented Filipino artist a few years ago. He creates art using a technique called Pyrography, which is the art of decorating wood by controlled burning, creating beautiful patterns or portraits. What makes his technique unique is he harnesses the heat of the sun, using a magnifying lens, unto a piece of wood to create beautiful masterpieces.

Jordan Mang-Osan, a famous Filipino artist, has created several intricate landscapes and portraits using only a magnifying lens as his tool. Some of his works are portraits of celebrities such as Manny Pacquiao, and some are portraits of indigenous Filipinos. I hope that one day I can visit his art gallery and buy one of his works. I've shared a couple of videos I've found about Jordan Mang-Osan.   

Jordan Mang-Osan Facebook Page:


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