Unique Solar Artwork by Jordan Mang-Osan

Artists express their art through a wide variety of mediums. In my previous post, I covered several artists who use unique mediums for their artwork. There are a few artists who can make art from unconventional materials. Some choose these unusual mediums for experimentation, while some use these materials because of the availability.

I found a documentary about a talented Filipino artist a few years ago. He creates art using a Pyrography technique, which is the art of decorating wood by controlled burning, creating beautiful patterns or portraits. What makes his style unique is that he harnesses the sun's heat, using a magnifying lens, onto a piece of wood to create beautiful masterpieces.

Jordan Mang-Osan, a famous Filipino artist, has created several intricate landscapes and portraits using only a magnifying lens as his tool. Some of his works are portraits of celebrities such as Manny Pacquiao, and some are portraits of indigenous Filipinos. I hope that one day I can visit his art gallery and buy one of his works. I've shared a couple of videos I've found about Jordan Mang-Osan.  

Jordan Mang-Osan Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/jordanmangosan/