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5 Smart Apartment Designs That Maximize Space

One of the key design solutions for a well-designed tiny apartment is multifunctional spaces. Assigning several functions to an area minimizes wasted space and maximizes every inch of space. Hiding unused components also declutters the area, making it appear larger than it looks. These are just some of the clever solutions designers implement to create beautiful and efficient interiors. Below are seven well-designed tiny apartments that will capture your interest.   1. 24 in 1 Transformer Apartment Designed by: Architect Gary Chang Area: 24 sqm / 258 sq. ft. The concept for the apartment is a time-based design that uses shared space one function at a time. Several movable walls hide everything out of sight, decluttering the space. Everything slides against the wall to open up center space. By layering several movable walls, the apartment has abundant storage space hidden within the wall. Shifting the center wall panel to the center allows access to the hidden bathtub, which also has a

Factors to Consider Before Acquiring a Hillside Lot

Logan Hillside Houses by Brian Stansberry

People choose hillside lots for the cool breeze and stunning views. The cold atmosphere is especially desirable in tropical countries such as the Philippines. When picking a hillside lot, it is necessary to determine the lot's inclination before making a decision. Hillside lots either have an uphill or downhill slope, and each has its unique characteristics. Understanding the distinction between the two grades can help you make a better decision when acquiring a rolling lot. It will help you select the ideal lot that is suitable for your needs.

Downhill Property

+ Unobstructed views
+ Cross ventilation on floors above grade
+ Build with minimal excavation
+ Option to build a house on stilts or retaining wall
+ Secured backyard without the need for tall fences
+ Larger floor area without violating height restrictions.

- Sanitary plumbing may need a sump pump
- Costs more to maximize floor area
- Site development can be complex if there are no vacant adjacent lot.
- Difficult to manoeuvre heavy equipment

Uphill Property
+ House may appear larger than it seems
+ Easy access to subdivision drainage
+ Accessible for heavy equipment
+ Natural protection from the weather in the backyard.
+ You can place the water and rainwater tanks on the rear upper portion of the property to pressurize water using gravity
- You may encounter problems on the retaining wall of the occupied lots on the back of your lot 
- May need a ton of excavation to make the area usable.
- Excavated materials need to be disposed
- Views can be blocked by the adjacent House
- Limited ventilation if the House is built on cut and fill

The reasons why I prefer to live on higher elevations are the cooler breeze and spectacular views. Unfortunately, there are trade-offs for living on the mountainside of Cebu. You may encounter problems such as access to water, risks of landslides, and lack of public transportation when you choose to live upland in Cebu. There are some areas on Cebu's mountainside that still have limited or no access to water. That is why it is vital to check for these facilities before purchasing the property.