4 Reasons to Choose Exposed Pipe Showers

Exposed piped showers are becoming a trend for several reasons. Asides from aesthetics, these showers have functional advantages over their embedded counterparts. Below are some of the benefits exposed shower systems have over embedded showers.

Exposed Shower System from Grohe

1. Leaks are noticeable on exposed shower sets since all the pieces are visible and accessible. Tracing which components are leaking is straightforward.

2. Exposed showers are easier to maintain and repair. If the shower mixer needs replacement, you won't need to tear down the bathroom walls to change the mixer.

3. It is cheaper to maintain. Fixing an embedded shower requires a plumber to rip apart the bathroom wall to reach the piping. After finishing the plumbing repairs come reinstallation of the walls and tiles. If you can't buy a match of the existing tiles on your bathroom, you will need to replace the whole bathroom wall tiles. Instead of just hiring a plumber, you will need more materials and labor to fix the shower.

4. Changing or upgrading your shower fixture is cheaper. Upgrading is simple since you can replace the whole shower without damaging bathroom walls.

Although exposed showers are more expensive than embedded shower sets, the benefits outweigh the initial costs.


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