AI Art - Minimalist House on Top of a Waterfalls

AI Genereated Architecture of a Minimalist House on top of a Waterfalls

AI Designed architecture of a Minimalist House on top of a waterfalls. I created the initial image with Craiyon and enhanced the details with Nightcafe.

Residential Septic Tank Calculator

I've been considering making a spreadsheet calculator to calculate my plumbing and electrical requirements for my design. Although I hire an electrical engineer and a master plumber to calculate the final requirements for my designs, I usually create the initial layout based on my calculations. I decided to create a series of spreadsheet calculators based on Philippine codes to help me work more efficiently. I will share these calculators once I have finished streamlining them. These calculators will only serve as a guide for your needs, and I still recommend that you hire a professional to avoid any future issues.