The Greek Goddess Atropos, The Three Fates

Atropos is one of the Three Fates in Greek mythology, responsible for cutting the thread of a person's life when their time has come. Her physical appearance and pose are often depicted in art and literature, reflecting her important role in shaping human destiny. 

Atropos is typically depicted as a mature woman, often portrayed as an elderly figure with a stern and serious expression. Her hair is usually depicted as grey or white, reflecting her wisdom and experience as a Fate. She may wear a crown or headdress, which symbolizes her status as a powerful goddess.

In terms of clothing, Atropos is often depicted wearing a dark robe or chiton, which may be adorned with symbols of death or the underworld. Her clothing is often in sharp contrast to the white robes of Clotho, reflecting her role as the cutter of the thread of life. Some depictions show her holding a pair of scissors or a sharp blade, emphasizing her role as a goddess of death and endings.

One common pose for Atropos is the "cutting pose," in which she holds a pair of scissors or a sharp blade in her hand, ready to cut the thread of life when a person's time has come. Her pose is often firm and unyielding, reflecting her role as a goddess of fate and the inevitability of death.

Overall, Atropos's physical appearance and pose reflect her role as a powerful and unyielding goddess, responsible for cutting the thread of life and ushering souls into the underworld.