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Exceptional Digitat Art

Art is the expression of a person's emotion through the medium that person chooses. It may be through music, literature, photography, oil in the canvass, or other means. The medium is only the artist's instrument, which allows him or her to share his creative thoughts with others.

Technology has provided us with more tools to express ourselves. I have always been a visual person, and most of the art that I appreciate is visual. Most of the excellent artists that I know can create works of art in whatever medium they provide.

Incredible animation of Superman Vs Hulk

A while ago I was browsing Youtube for a trailer of the new superman movie. I bumped into an animation created by . I watched the entire animation, and I was very impressed by its quality. 

I assumed the animation was done by a team of 3d artists. It was only when I read the description that I discovered that  was the only one working on this project. This has made it even more impressive.

It took him about eight months to finish the animation. It must have taken him a great deal of patience to accomplish this feat.

You can visit his channel here: