Green Architecture the Next Generation of Building Design

After watching the inconvenient truth on HBO, I realized how fragile our environment was. The decisions we are making right now have a significant impact on the future of our environment. As an architect, I promised myself that I would use my profession to do part and be part of the solution. A show from the National Geographic Channel, which featured environmentally friendly buildings, inspired me to incorporate green design into my projects.

Some cities are adopting green architecture to enhance the conditions of their surroundings. The City of Chicago has chosen to turn its City Hall roof into a colorful roof garden. The roof garden provides ample insulation and reduces the reflected heat from the roof.

Another stunning green structure I remembered from college is the Commerzbank in Frankfurt, Germany. Award-winning architect Lord Norman Foster-designed the building. What makes this tower unique are the nine extensive sky gardens on different floors of the building. This project reminds me of a modern hanging garden that is both beautiful and practical.

The future of architecture is the implementation of environmentally sustainable designs. The world acknowledges the importance and benefit of this movement. Across the world, architects incorporate green architecture in their designs. Local regulations are being implemented in the Philippines to help reduce the impact of buildings on environmental degradation. If technology reduces the cost of environmentally friendly products, it will only be a matter of time for everyone to adapt to their designs.

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