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House DL15 - Modern Three Story Residential Building

Project: House DL15 Year: 2015 Floor Area: 440 m ² Lot Area: 363 m ² A modern three-story house in Cebu City draws inspiration from Modern Scandinavian and Bauhaus designs. The house's layout was designed to maximize the steep downhill slope while minimizing excavation to the existing terrain.  The house has an open floor plan layout that connects the living, dining, and kitchen area into one open space. Upon entering the foyer, a double-height ceiling in the living room is the first thing you see. Large sliding windows and doors engulf the interior with natural light. The sliding doors in the dining area and kitchen connect the interior to the terrace, increasing the ground floor's usable floor area. All the bedrooms are on the second floor, and each bedroom has its bathroom. The lower ground floor has a large lanai with a dining and living area. The ground floor covers the lanai, which provides a spacious outdoor space protected from the heat and weather. The lanai is open on

Switching to Free Programs

Lately a lot of offices here in the Philippines have switched to open source programs to save on the cost of buying original programs. I did my research on some alternative open source software to their commercial counter part and found out that there are a lot of pretty good and efficient open source counterparts. Here are some of the list of programs that I am currently using and their commercial counter parts. Open Source: Blender Commercial Counterpart: 3D Max Open Source: DoubleCad Commercial Counterpart: Autocad Open Source: Gimpshop , Gimp Commercial Counterpart: Adobe Photoshop Open Source: Open Office Commercial Counterpart: Microsoft Office Open Source: Gantt Project , Open Project Commercial Counterpart: MS Project Open Source: Google Sketchup Commercial Counterpart: 3D Max There are a lot more open source programs available and I'm still trying out some of them. I'll post some updates after I finish testing them. Check: for mo

Greatest Music Artists of the 20th Century

My interest in art has exposed me in a lot of different forms of art. As a young boy I went to school were art and music was part of our curriculum. This was a big influence in my passion for art and music.  I was fond of sketching and painting. Music on the other hand wasn't my strong point. I had a hard time learning how to play the violin. Even though I loved listen ing to music, I did not have any talent to play any instrument. I didn't have the patience to learn how to play an instrument.  As I became older my interest in music also grew. My choices of music became diverse. I never concentrated on a pa rticular genre. I learned to appreciate music and not limit myself with one genre.  Lately I began to appreciate more som e music which had stand the test of time. The artists who made these songs were tr uly exceptional in the art of music. These are the artist who for lasted several generations.  Here is my list of the 10 Greatest Music Artist w hich has influe nced the

Google Sketchup Tutorials

 A couple of years ago, my office mate introduced me to a 3D software developed by Google. I was surprised by its versatility but was dismayed about the fact it didn't support some lighting plugins back then.  I practiced on some of the online tutorials back then. I found the program to be very user friendly. It only takes a couple of days for someone who has no background in 3d modeling to learn this program. I never realized the true potential of the program until I saw most of my former classmates using the program in their renderings.  Lately, I started using Sketchup again. Its been a while since I last used the program. I needed to practice it again. I'm relearning the things I've learned back then and discovered some new things along the way. If you are interested in learning 3D modeling but don't have the patience to go to school. I suggest you learn this program through online tutorials. It's easy to use and a great tool to help you with your designs. Here