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Create Fast Architectural Walkthroughs Using 3D Photospheres

3D rendering is one of the tools architects generally use to present designs to their clients. Renderings are two-dimensional representations of a building, and it allows clients to see the structure before construction. The limitation of this method is that clients won't comprehend how space feels even with furniture installed because there is no continuity between the view in front and what's behind it.

AVIZ Studio 3D Roof Generator and Tree Generator

I was browsing through the net looking for tutorials on vray and came across these two plug ins for 3dmax. Whenever I had a project wherein I needed to use clay roof tiles on the house I always modeled each roof tile in order to achieve a more realistic look. I never thought that there were plugins around that would make my work easier.

As for the trees and plants I usually use those ready to use models bought from 3d stores. Although I still have to try these two plugins out I think this will be a great addition to my tools in my work as a 3D   Artist for Architectural renderings.

The videos below demonstrate the plugins and as far as I know these can only be used on 3d studio max.

The homepage for these plugins is

Hope you will find their plugins useful.

Google Sketchup Tutorials

 A couple of years ago, my office mate introduced me to a 3D software developed by Google. I was surprised by its versatility but was dismayed about the fact it didn't support some lighting plugins back then. 

I practiced on some of the online tutorials back then. I found the program to be very user friendly. It only takes a couple of days for someone who has no background in 3d modeling to learn this program. I never realized the true potential of the program until I saw most of my former classmates using the program in their renderings. 

Lately, I started using Sketchup again. Its been a while since I last used the program. I needed to practice it again. I'm relearning the things I've learned back then and discovered some new things along the way.

If you are interested in learning 3D modeling but don't have the patience to go to school. I suggest you learn this program through online tutorials. It's easy to use and a great tool to help you with your designs. Here are a couple of links to some tutorials in Sketchup:

Websites with Free 3D Models

If you've been looking for 3D models of cars and trees for your exterior architectural design. Furniture and interior design appliances. Below are sites with a wide range of free 3d models. - A large 3D model archive. Models are categorized by type and brand. - A large archive of 3D models. The models are classified by style and brand. - Limited to 15 downloads per member - A furniture company offering 3d versions of their products free of charge - I've been to his blog, and I've seen a lot of high-quality templates on this site. I really like his collections of cars and architecture.