Amazing Origami Sculptures

A few months ago, I started learning the art of origami. I've always been curious about how a blank piece of paper could turn into a three-dimensional artwork. My first attempt at origami was a simple rose. I realized that it took focus and concentration to finish one of the basic origami. It took me a few attempts to do this before I finished my first origami.
By Jeremy Kool
After finishing the basic rose, I tried to make another complicated flower origami. Even though I have experience in making scaled models, it's a lot harder to make origami. I was not able to achieve the same result as my previous attempt. Some of the complex flowers I've been trying to make look realistic.
I wondered what other kinds of origami sculptures could do. I started browsing the net for other types of origami than common flowers and swans. I found out there was a lot more sophisticated origami out there. Below are some of the works I've found on the net. 
By Gonzalo Calvo
By Jeremy Kool
By Satoshi Kamiya