Lytro the end to unfocused Photos

Ever since I started taking photos I occassionally experienced having the perfect shot ruined due to focusing issues. Having a shot ruined becuase of a wrong focus has kept me looking for a software or solution in order to fix or prevent this problem. I've tried numerous programs such as photoshop and topaz in focus but have so far never made any drastic improvements to my out of focused images.

While I was browsing my email at Yahoo I stumbled upon an article with a title "camera ends blurry photos". A new company has developed an exciting new technology in photography that will revolutionize how we will take photos in the future. Lytro has developed a new type of sensor that enables you to shoot first and worry about focusing after you take the shot.

I visited their official website and read their articles and is somewhat amazed by the technical aspects of this new technology. Their new sensor allows it to capture the light field which is according to their official website  "It is the amount of light traveling in every direction through every point in space – it’s all the light rays in a scene".

Their new technology will allow you to shoot without worry of proper focusing, shot faster without shutter lag, shoot at low light conditions and the best of all create living pictures. In order for you to truly appreciate the technology they developed you have to try it yourself. Although I've noticed some drawbacks based on their gallery photos, it is totally understandable since this is a totally new technology. Maybe its also due to the fact that the program they used to upload the living picture degraded the image quality. Nevertheless in time most of the issues I found will eventually be resolved. This is truly a revolutionizing technology and is a great leap forward in photography.

I've attached some samples of their living pictures. Click on the blurred parts of the photo to change the focus on the photos.


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