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The Jubilee Church By Arch't Richard Meier

Back when I was still a student in architecture. I was always inclined to innovative designs that represent the architecture today. I appreciated these designs at an early stage in my studies. I was always searching for unique design solutions for different building types. Image Source: One structure I stumbled upon during my research inspired me to think outside the box. It gave me a new perspective on the design if you won't restrict yourself with the norms. The Jubilee Church is a masterpiece designed by  Architect Richard Meier.  This church had a unique design that didn't have any resemblance to any normal church. It veered away from the traditional church designs.  It managed to arrive at a magnificent design that was beautiful and functional. The design reflected the core beliefs of the church. The beautiful use of natural lights enhanced the ambiance of the interior. The harmony of the elements is what made this church a masterpiece. Below

3D Paper Models and Crafts

I've visited this blog, which features some pretty neat 3d paper models. There are some paper models that look so realistic that they really don't look like paper. The blog has a wide variety of models from simple to super intricate I bet it took a lot of time to do it. I admire the patience of these people. Making those paper models takes a lot of dedication, and patience to finish those models. Here's one of my favorite paper models from his blog. Ecto-1 For more photos and projects on 3D paper models visit his blog at

Art from Scrap Metal

While I was browsing some of the photos of artworks, I stumbled across a unique website. The site had some very interesting works of art. The owner of the website uses scrap metal to make sculptures of popular characters. I know there's nothing new about recycled art, but the level of detail is what struck me about his work Alien Xenomorph Jango Fett I could not believe my eyes to the intricacy of the models. Having seen these, it gave me a whole new outlook on how to turn garbage into something beautiful. I never thought a bunch of bolts, screws, and wires would look so cool. In the hands of a creative and imaginative person, trash can be transformed into a work of art. I posted some of the works that I love. Predator Optimus Prime Just visit  for a complete catalog of their work.

Famous Architects Official Website

As a new architect, I am eager to learn and understand different styles of architecture. I want to learn from the experts and the most successful architects in the world. I get design inspirations from these architects. The designs range from the simple sleek and stylish to unorthodox extravagant designs.