House ZME08 - Minimalist House

I've always wanted to design my own house, even back when I was still an architecture student. I've always wanted to design a house that's perfect for me. ZME always told me that she has already visualized her dream house. She told me that she was more of a minimalist and wanted some plants or a garden inside her house.

Websites with Free 3D Models

If you've been looking for 3D models of cars and trees for your exterior architectural design. Furniture and interior design appliances. Below are sites with a wide range of free 3d models. - A large 3D model archive. Models are categorized by type and brand. - A large archive of 3D models. The models are classified by style and brand. - Limited to 15 downloads per member - A furniture company offering 3d versions of their products free of charge - I've been to his blog, and I've seen a lot of high-quality templates on this site. I really like his collections of cars and architecture.

Grass Tutorial Using Vray Fur for 3Dmax

You should have VRay plug-in installed to use this tutorial.

1. First thing you should do is make a plane about 4m x 4m for your vray fur
2. You then go to create menu>geometry>vray

3. the vray submenu will then appear.
4. click VRayFur and you should see something like this

5. adjust the values of the highlighted portions accordingly

6. Hit render. You should see a result like this.

7. Apply some grass materials to the VRay Fur and plane

8. Hit render. There you have it a grass using VRay Fur.

Just some minor notes:
1. If ever you're using a larger plane for your grass add a 1-meter subdivision to your plane.
2. You cant use uvw maps on Vray fur.

Green Architecture the Next Generation of Building Design

Green Architecture the Next Generation of Building Design

After watching the inconvenient truth on HBO, I realized how fragile our environment was. The decisions we are making right now have a significant impact on the future of our environment. As an architect, I promised myself that I would use my profession to do part and be part of the solution. A show from the National Geographic Channel, which featured environmentally friendly buildings, inspired me to incorporate green design into my projects.

3D House Sample

One of the goals I had, when I started working for Lazy Animation, was to make samples for our website. Samples boost website traffic and draw more clients. One of the samples I made was a residential building on a sloping lot. I created 3D models based on design concepts that I've sketched in my free time.

Office Interior HFC08 - CEDASI Office Interior

Cebu Denmark Office Interior

Location: Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu
Year: 2008
Floor Area: 222 sqm.
Lot Area: 585 sqm.

Cebu Denmark Animation Studio Inc. (CEDASI) was a danish outsourcing company that offered graphics, video, and web development services. The project was a conversion of a residential building into the company's main office.

Floor Plan
Located on the second floor of a three-story building, it has an area of 222 square meters. It has four rooms, two restrooms, and an open space with a high ceiling.