Druid AI generated artwork

Nightcafe was used to create AI-generated artwork of a Druid. This artwork was created with the highest settings.

Overlord Over Ruins


Made this artwork using a base image generated on Wombo and reinterpreted in Nightcafe. Keywords used in this artwork are Lovecraft and Gerald Brom.

Kaiju Rising


AI generated artwork of Kaiju Rising made with Wombo and enhanced on Nightcafe.

Dragon Slayers


Dragon Slayers

This ai artwork was created with the StarryAI app. I haven't made AI generated artwork on this app in a long time. I mostly use the wombo app to create AI generated artworks because there are no limits to the number of artworks you can create. However, when it comes to the quality of the Art generated by all of the apps I use, StarryAI produces the best results if you know which prompts to use. This artwork was created with the fewest iterations possible, but the quality produced by this app is excellent. This app never ceases to astound me.

Blood and Ice

Blood and Ice


Blood and Ice Dragon
A Dragon artwork made of Blood and Ice made with Wombo AI.

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Arctic Bird of Prey

Arctic Bird of Prey

AI generated Arctic Bird of Prey
I tried to make an Ice Dragon with Wombo using the Steampunk settings, and one of the results was this beautiful bird-like creature. I used Photoshop Express and Snapseed for post-processing to reduce the saturation and improve the colors in the artwork. Ice Dragon and Eldritch were the main keywords I used to create this artwork.

Lady Eldritch

Lady Eldritch an AI generated artwork


Dark Nightmarish AI generated artwork

Lady Eldritch an AI Generated artwork made with Dream Wombo Ai App. Edited in Photoshop and Snapseed. Main keywords for this artwork are Dark Lady Eldritch.

Swamp Monster an AI Generated Artwork

Swamp Monster an AI generated artwork

Swamp Monster an AI generated artwork made with Nightcafe Studio. The main keywords used in this art are Water Creature, Eldritch and Artstation.

Bones an AI Generated Artwork


AI generated Artwork made with Dream app.
An AI generated artwork made with Dream app by Wombo Ai. Prompts used to generate these pieces are Skeleton, Artstation and Eldritch.

Creatures of the Night An AI Generated Artwork


AI generated artwork using Wombo

An AI generated artwork using a base image from Dall-e Mini. Main keywords used to generate this artwork are Eldritch, Artstation and Steven Belledin.

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AI generated Artwork


First Contact


AI Generated Artwork made with Wombo

AI generated artwork of first encounter with Aliens. Initial image made with Dall-e Mini and fine tuned in Wombo. #AIArtwork #AIArt #AIGeneratedArt # DigitalArt

Residential Septic Tank Calculator

I've been considering making a spreadsheet calculator to calculate my plumbing and electrical requirements for my design. Although I hire an electrical engineer and a master plumber to calculate the final requirements for my designs, I usually create the initial layout based on my calculations. I decided to create a series of spreadsheet calculators based on Philippine codes to help me work more efficiently. I will share these calculators once I have finished streamlining them. These calculators will only serve as a guide for your needs, and I still recommend that you hire a professional to avoid any future issues.


Crustacean an AI generated artwork

AI Generated artwork of a crustacean

 AI generated artwork made with Wombo and Nightcafe Studio.


Metamorphosis an AI generated artwork

Metamorphosis AI generated artwork made with Nightcafe Studio and  Wombo

I made this piece by generating a template in the Wombo AI art generator app and then enhancing the details in Nightcafe Studio.


Cyclops AI Generated Artwork

Decomposition AI Generated artwork

Ai generated wasteland made with Nightcafe studio and inspired from Zdzislaw Beksinski. AI gemerated Artwork.


Cyclops AI Generated Artwork

AI artwork generated with Nightcafe Studio

AI generated Art made with Nightcafe



Lurking an AI generated artwork made with Nightcafe Studio

AI gemerated artwork made with Nightcafe Studio. Keywords on this artwork are brains eyes and teeth. I've been trying to experiment with this application and sonfar this app produces great results if you know how to use the proper keywords and settings. I will be generating more AI art on this platform once I master the settings on this app.


I compiled a number of AI-generated artworks and merged them all into a single photograph.


Plantlife Pareidolia

AI Art
AI Art

AI Art

Digital Art made with Dream app by Wimbo

Description: Plantlife Pareidolia.


Digital Art made with Dream app by Wimbo

Description: Mechanical Eyes

Twin Bees

Digital Art made with Dream app by Wimbo

Description: Mechanical Bees

Awe-inspiring artwork created by AI-assisted applications

I've always believed that in order to create beautiful art, you needed talent and creativity. I never imagined a time when technology would be able to create art. I saw an advertisement earlier today for a web-based app that could generate art by simply typing words into the program. I decided to give it a try, which led me down a rabbit hole of ai art generator apps, where I spent several hours researching and testing AI Art generator apps. I tested three AI Art generators, and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.