Sweet Chewy Art

In order to appreciate good art I usually take into consideration a lot of things. It must be creative, unique, detailed and it must be something that not everyone could easily follow. The subjects for this inspiring sculptures astounded me very much not because it is created by someone who is a master of art but because it is truly unique in every way.

The material used for this sculptures can be bought from the supermarket or even from the street vendors. What made these sculptures unique is the pain staking method the sculptor went through to achieve very detailed models of object, animals or bust from a very unstable material.

This porcupine sculpture is one of the few models which really amazed me. I could not imagine myself attaching every single one of those spine to the whole model. I simply don't have the patience to do this and I also have very shaky hand. (thanks to my addiction to coffee)

This sculpture of a bear is even more intricate then the previous one. It must have taken the artist a month placing every single piece of fur to the sculpture.

If I were to create a gum art I would most probably pick a very simple subject. It would definitely be an egg or a rock.hehehe This is why I decided to write a post about this art cause I simply admire the creativity and patience of the artist to create such intricate pieces of art.

For more pictures of gum art visit: http://www.ebaumsworld.com/

House HFMA08 - Interior Design

House HFMA08 was a commission to design a renovation for a dilapidated house. The house was in such bad condition. The structural engineer said the client would be better off building a new house. Despite the problems of the house, I believed there was still a way to restore it to its former glory.

The challenge for this project was to rearrange the spaces to fit the needs of the new owners. I had to change the functions in some areas to meet the desired results. Some partitions had to be moved to improve the sizes of the rooms.

The Ice Hotels - A Cool way to Spend your Vacation

When we are talking about unique and innovative designs. The first thing that comes to mind are structures designed by prominent architects. Architects such as Frank Ghery, Zaha Hadid, Thom Mayne, or Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron. Their cutting edge designs represent what architecture has achieved in this period. Structures like the Guggenheim museum at Bilbao or the bird's nest stadium. Structures that are exceptional achievements of both design and engineering standards. 


Technology has been advancing that a lot of daring and bold designs are popping up all around the world. That's why I was amazed when I first saw the Ice Hotel back in college. Such hotel masterpieces are made of snow and ice, or a combination of the two that they call snice.


Most hotels are usually built to accommodate the growing number of tourists in a place. Ice hotels are built to attract and accommodate visitors at the same time. Reservations have already been made before the building of an ice hotel starts. Its popularity has been growing since they began building Ice hotels way back in 1989. 


The concept of building a whole hotel made up of "snice" would arouse curiosity in anybody's mind. The mere thought of staying within a building made of ice is like being in a fairy tale. Not only are the rooms made of ice most of its furnishing and fixtures are made of ice as well. I would consider these hotels as masterpieces on ice. It's too bad though that these structures are only temporary and seasonal. 


Amazing Vertical Gardens Designed by Patrick Blanc

Going green has inspired me a lot lately and made me rethink my approach to architecture. I have seen many stunning eco-friendly designs that convinced me that going green is the next step in an efficient, sustainable, and exceptional modern building.

One building with plant-covered walls caught my attention. Patrick Blanc, a botanist, designed and invented the new concept of vertical gardens.

I appreciate how his design enhances the environment and admire his pioneering approach to integrating plants into building structures. His works have become the focal point of the building. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, the vertical gardens have a functional purpose that is beneficial to the users and their surrounding environment.

The vertical gardens help lessen air and noise pollution and reduce heat gain and radiation by creating natural insulation for the building. The vertical gardens also protect the walls from deterioration and vandalizing.

Covering walls with plants is not something new. What made Patrick Blanc's design unique is how he created art using plants as a material. I hope I can apply this technique as a centerpiece to a building in my future projects.

image source:https://www.verticalgardenpatrickblanc.com/

Commercial Building SCBS08 - Proposed Restaurant and Internet Cafe

SCBS08 is a design proposal for a restaurant for my uncle and cousin, which they plan to construct this year. This is the second proposal for this project because there were many changes to the first proposal's space requirements. Construction will be in three phases and will depend on the viability of the expansion.  

Office Interior Animation

A few months ago, the company where I am currently working, commissioned me to design their office interior. Unfortunately, there have been some problems with the papers and permits, that the project is still pending.

I've had some minor design issues for this interior since it's a renovation. I'm limited to the existing layout and need to adjust my design to the existing partition that the owner prefers to preserve.

So far, I haven't finished the entire design because of the project setbacks, but I've been able to create a walkthrough animation for the areas I've already designed.

Lazyanimation House Sample Animation

Here is a sample animation for Lazyanimation. These are some of the houses that we have modeled for our clients. For more details of our services, please visit www.lazyanimation.com

The Jubilee Church By Arch't Richard Meier

Back when I was still an architecture student, I was always inclined to innovative designs that represent architecture today. I appreciated these designs at an early stage in my studies and I loved to search for unique design solutions for various building types.

Image Source: https://www.richardmeier.com/

One structure I stumbled upon during my research inspired me to think outside the box. It gave me a new perspective on the design if you won't restrict yourself with the norms.

The Jubilee Church is a masterpiece designed by Architect Richard Meier. This church had a unique design that didn't have any resemblance to any typical church. It veered away from the traditional church designs and managed to arrive at a magnificent design that was beautiful and functional. 

The design reflected the core beliefs of the church and the beautiful use of natural lights enhanced the ambiance of the interior. The harmony of all the elements is made this church a masterpiece.

Below is an animation made by Robert Angelis that provides an in-depth glimpse of this beautiful masterpiece.

Creative 3D Paper Models

I've visited this blog that features some pretty neat 3d paper models. Some paper models look so realistic that they don't look like paper. The blog has a wide variety of models, from simple to super intricate I bet it took a lot of time to do it. I admire the patience of these people. Making those paper models takes a lot of dedication and patience to finish those models. Here's one of my favorite paper models from his blog.
For more photos and projects on 3D paper models visit his blog at papermodeluniverse.blogspot.com

Works of Art Made from Recycled Scrap Metal

I could not believe my eyes to the intricacy of the models. Having seen these gave me a whole new outlook on how to turn garbage into something beautiful. I never thought a bunch of bolts, screws, and wires would look so cool. In the hands of a creative and imaginative person, trash transforms into works of art. I posted some of the pieces that I love.

Alien Xenomorph
Jango Fett

I could not believe my eyes to the intricacy of the models. Having seen these gave me a whole new outlook on how to turn garbage into something beautiful. I never thought a bunch of bolts, screws, and wires would look so cool. In the hands of a creative and imaginative person, trash transforms into works of art. I posted some of the pieces that I love.
Optimus Prime

Just visit www.artfromsteel.com for a complete catalog of their work.

A Directory of Official Websites of Architects

As a new architect, I am eager to learn and understand different styles of architecture. I want to learn from the experts and the most successful architects in the world.

I get design inspirations from these architects. The designs range from simple, sleek and stylish to unorthodox extravagant designs.

House ZME08 - Minimalist House

I've always wanted to design my own house, even back when I was still an architecture student. I've always wanted to design a house that's perfect for me. ZME always told me that she has already visualized her dream house. She told me that she was more of a minimalist and wanted some plants or a garden inside her house.

Websites with Free 3D Models

If you've been looking for 3D models of cars and trees for your exterior architectural design. Furniture and interior design appliances. Below are sites with a wide range of free 3d models.

http://archive3d.net/ - A large 3D model archive. Models are categorized by type and brand.
http://www.archibase.net/ - A large archive of 3D models. The models are classified by style and brand.
http://www.3dxtras.com - Limited to 15 downloads per member
http://www.fritzhansen.com/chairs - A furniture company offering 3d versions of their products free of charge
http://gfx-3d-model.blogspot.com/ - I've been to his blog, and I've seen a lot of high-quality templates on this site. I really like his collections of cars and architecture.

Grass Tutorial Using Vray Fur for 3Dmax

You should have VRay plug-in installed to use this tutorial.

1. First thing you should do is make a plane about 4m x 4m for your vray fur
2. You then go to create menu>geometry>vray

3. the vray submenu will then appear.
4. click VRayFur and you should see something like this

5. adjust the values of the highlighted portions accordingly

6. Hit render. You should see a result like this.

7. Apply some grass materials to the VRay Fur and plane

8. Hit render. There you have it a grass using VRay Fur.

Just some minor notes:
1. If ever you're using a larger plane for your grass add a 1-meter subdivision to your plane.
2. You cant use uvw maps on Vray fur.

Green Architecture the Next Generation of Building Design

Green Architecture the Next Generation of Building Design

After watching the inconvenient truth on HBO, I realized how fragile our environment was. The decisions we are making right now have a significant impact on the future of our environment. As an architect, I promised myself that I would use my profession to do part and be part of the solution. A show from the National Geographic Channel, which featured environmentally friendly buildings, inspired me to incorporate green design into my projects.

3D House Sample

One of the goals I had, when I started working for Lazy Animation, was to make samples for our website. Samples boost website traffic and draw more clients. One of the samples I made was a residential building on a sloping lot. I created 3D models based on design concepts that I've sketched in my free time.

Office Interior HFC08 - CEDASI Office Interior

Cebu Denmark Office Interior

Location: Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu
Year: 2008
Floor Area: 222 sqm.
Lot Area: 585 sqm.

Cebu Denmark Animation Studio Inc. (CEDASI) was a danish outsourcing company that offered graphics, video, and web development services. The project was a conversion of a residential building into the company's main office.

Floor Plan
Located on the second floor of a three-story building, it has an area of 222 square meters. It has four rooms, two restrooms, and an open space with a high ceiling.