How to Maximize Tiny Spaces

Small interiors are becoming more common in urbanized cities. Making a small interior look huge is one of the challenges facing architects and interior designers. Some designers use optical illusions to make space appear larger, while others use innovative technology to maximize small spaces.

Amazing Pop Up Paper Sculptures by Peter Dahmen

Peter Dahmen is a German paper artist and pop-up designer. He has created a variety of beautiful paper sculptures. Some of his works are very complex geometric sculptures, which almost seem to have been printed in 3D. Check out some of his work on his official DesignPD Youtube page.


Affordable Alternative Software for Architects

I wanted to buy the best software when I started my architectural firm. The office that I used to worked for invested in software that I consider to be the benchmark in our industry. After careful deliberation on the cost of this software, I chose to seek alternatives to those programs that didn't break the bank. After trying out other apps, these are the ones that I personally like.