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Amazing Future Homes

I was browsing through Forbes for some interesting article about investments and found this interesting article about future homes. This was the last place I thought I could find architecture and design related articles but the slides really caught my interest.

Tornado-Proof Home Designed by Ted Givens of 10Design

Extreme Cantilever Homes

Every time I see an extreme home I always wonder why architects go out of their way to achieve these feats. It must have taken guts on the part of the client to go with the daring designs of the architect. I usually get inspired looking through their designs.

Designed by Natkevicus 

Lately I've been fascinated with houses designed to have extreme cantilevers. I've browsed through a lot of houses with extreme cantilevers and each one of these have their own approach on solving the long spans of their cantilever.

How Floating Homes Can Help Combat Climate Change

Rainy seasons have finally arrived here in the Philippines. A series of tropical storms and typhoons are heading here, bringing heavy rains and floods. After our country experienced the disaster of Typhoon Ondoy, I have been pondering a solution to flooding and how to prevent it from happening again.

Architects: Vandeventer + Carlander Architects
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA