Amazing Future Homes

I was browsing through Forbes for some interesting article about investments and found this interesting article about future homes. This was the last place I thought I could find architecture and design related articles but the slides really caught my interest.

Tornado-Proof Home Designed by Ted Givens of 10Design

Roll House Designed by Christopher Daniel
Urban Tree House Designed by Jason Lubutkah of Jason David  

These future homes may or may not be implemented in a few years from now. Whether or not these projects gets built or not, these design gives us a glimpse in how our homes may look in the near future. The innovative and different approach in house design encourages me to think outside the box whenever I will be faced with a new project.

For more future homes check out the forbes site


  1. I presume the tornado proof ones swivel like a wind vane. Great idea. The ones across the street are fun too.

  2. I also liked the one that is hanging over the road. Anyway thanks for dropping by.