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Cubo Modular Houses Made of Engineered Bamboo in the Philippines

Cubo has gained a lot of attention after its founder has been featured in mainstream media both local and abroad. The multi- awardee founder of Cubo Engr Earl Patrick Forlales, aims to solve the Philippines' housing problem by providing affordable modular houses. To achieve low construction costs, he uses bamboo, a widely available and renewable material in the Philippines, as his building material. Cubo treats and processes bamboo into engineered bamboo that is standardized, making it a more workable material than raw bamboo. Cubo then manufactures standard panels, which can then be assembled on-site by the Cubo team. The prefabricated modular construction system Cubo implements allow them to assemble a house in a matter of days. 

8 Unique Restaurant Designs to Inspire your Creativity

I have been doing some research on some unique restaurant designs recently. I found a lot of excellent designs that are eye-catching. Their designs inspired me to be more creative. Some of these designs use common construction materials, but the designers still manage to create extraordinary results. Below are some of the beautiful restaurant designs that inspired me the most.

1. Banq Restaurant Designed by Architect Nader Tehrani

2. Nobu Dubai Designed by Rockwell Group

3. Rosso Restaurant Designed by SO Architects

4. Blue Frog Designed by Serie Architects

5. STIX Restaurant Designed by 3six0 Architecture

6. Cave Restaurant Designed by Koichi Takada Architects

7. M Coffee Restaurant Designed by Hooman Balazadeh Architects

8. Silver Restaurant Designed by Dark Design Group


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