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Cubo Modular Houses Made of Engineered Bamboo in the Philippines

Cubo has gained a lot of attention after its founder has been featured in mainstream media both local and abroad. The multi- awardee founder of Cubo Engr Earl Patrick Forlales, aims to solve the Philippines' housing problem by providing affordable modular houses. To achieve low construction costs, he uses bamboo, a widely available and renewable material in the Philippines, as his building material. Cubo treats and processes bamboo into engineered bamboo that is standardized, making it a more workable material than raw bamboo. Cubo then manufactures standard panels, which can then be assembled on-site by the Cubo team. The prefabricated modular construction system Cubo implements allow them to assemble a house in a matter of days. 

Unique Small Apartments

One of the projects that started my interest in small interiors was the Swiss Army Knife. This project was designed by architect Robert Garneau. He introduced a range of clever design solutions that maximizes small interior.

Swiss Army Knife

Architect Robert Garneau used multi-functionality to maximize the available space. The use of an adjustable dining table that doubles as a kitchen counter. A sofa that can be rearranged into a bed. These solutions combined. This design allowed the architect to combine two areas into a single space.

Architect Garneau designed the interior to tuck away objects that are not in use. The use of a murphy bed opens up the living room into the bedroom. A movable wall hides storage and functions as a partition for the living area and bedroom. Hiding stuff out of sight declutters the area making the interior appear spacious.

Storage solutions are hidden and blend into the interior. There are hidden storage solutions in his bathroom and kitchen. I particularly like the design he implemented in the bathroom. He incorporated a hidden laundry basket and storage cabinet inside the bathroom walls.

Below are the other projects from Architect Robert Garneau posted by Kirsten Dirksen.



For more tiny interior videos check out Kirsten Dirksen youtube channel.


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