Plantlife Pareidolia

AI Art
AI Art

AI Art

Digital Art made with Dream app by Wimbo

Description: Plantlife Pareidolia.


Digital Art made with Dream app by Wombo

Prompt: Photorealistic Mechanical Eyes, Hyperdetailed, Hyperrealism, Robotic, Mech, Dark

Twin Bees

Digital Art made with Dream app by Wimbo

Description: Mechanical Bees

Awe-inspiring artwork created by AI-assisted applications

I've always believed that in order to create beautiful art, you needed talent and creativity. I never imagined a time when technology would be able to create art. I saw an advertisement earlier today for a web-based app that could generate art by simply typing words into the program. I decided to give it a try, which led me down a rabbit hole of ai art generator apps, where I spent several hours researching and testing AI Art generator apps. I tested three AI Art generators, and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Cubo Modular Houses Made of Engineered Bamboo in the Philippines

Cubo has gained a lot of attention after its founder has been featured in mainstream media both local and abroad. The multi- awardee founder of Cubo Engr Earl Patrick Forlales, aims to solve the Philippines' housing problem by providing affordable modular houses. To achieve low construction costs, he uses bamboo, a widely available and renewable material in the Philippines, as his building material.

Cubo treats and processes bamboo into engineered bamboo that is standardized, making it a more workable material than raw bamboo. Cubo then manufactures standard panels, which can then be assembled on-site by the Cubo team. The prefabricated modular construction system Cubo implements allow them to assemble a house in a matter of days.