4³ Modern Tiny House Tour

A tour on a modern 16 square meter tiny house
4³ is a tiny house design I conceptualize during the lockdown. With 4m on all sides, it has a building footprint of 16 square meters and a volume of 64 cubic meters. The design utilizes vertical space to maximize the livable area of the house. Each space is interconnected and has several functions. The living room transforms into a dining room, while the kitchen floor functions as a bench for the dining room.

Storage space is not an issue in this house. A full-size cabinet is found at the entrance of the house. Drawers underneath the sofa and kitchen floor provide extra storage space.

A net hammock increases the usable space on the loft while still allowing light and ventilation to the ground floor. This design aims to provide comfort to its users while utilizing every inch of the house's area.

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